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Angela Koch joins the like of George Soros in the Huffington Post Contributor List

The US money Reserve is the largest private dealer of coins made of gold, silver, and platinum. It was founded in 2001 and has grown to become the largest distributor of the coins.

Not only does the organization handle gold belonging to the US government but is also contracted by other foreign organizations to trade the legal tenders.

Due to the volatile nature of stocks and other investment, many wealthy people prefer to store their wealth in precious metals. According to Glassdoor, the US Money Reserve stepped in to help such individuals transform their wealth to coins made from precious metal.

The US Money Reserve is in based in Austin Texas from where it serves its customers. Their research team is among the best. They are tasked with finding the most elusive precious metals as they have the highest potential to turn a good profit.

The company is led by their CEO Angela “Angie” Koch. Angela has been awarded a rare and prestigious chance to become a contributor at the Huffington post. She will be contributing her ideas on the platform on a regular basis.

Being offered a chance to write for Huffington Post is a coveted opportunity enjoyed only by renowned leaders and high profile individuals like George Soros. The Huffington post is an award winning platform and is the only news agency that has won a Pulitzer award. According to an article by PR Newswire, the platform boasts of more than 79 million unique visitors every month.

Serving as the CEO of US Money Reserve is no simple task. Angela is responsible for overseeing operations and setting the pace and culture for the organization. She states that she is motivated by a desire to create value and opportunities for other people in her professional and private life.

The tens of millions that visit the Huffington post monthly are waiting on Angela’s contributions anxiously. She is expected to share with her readers the tricks of running a company as successful as the US Money Reserve.

The readers are counting on her to give them extensive business advice due to her experience overseeing mergers, acquisition, strategic planning, due diligence, and operations.

Angela stated that she is planning to use the chance to offer her thoughts on leadership, and give readers her advice on wealth management, leadership, culture, and business.

In her first post, Angela has chosen to write a post on ways the political conventions empower women. She explores the moments that raised eyebrows in 2016 conventions for both the democrats and the republicans that inspired women to join leadership.