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Keith Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement Promotes Collegiate Success

Applications are being accepted from senior High School students at Brooklyn’s Uncommon Charter High School for the new Keith Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. Keith Mann, the Director at Dynamics Executive Search, established this annual award to cover the costs for tuition for college. Up to $5,000 will be given to a low-income, but promising student attending the private school. Applications are accepted up until the end of February each year.

Students who apply for the scholarship are required to write a 1,000 word essay. The essay must explain in what ways the money will be used during the student’s days at college. This school has chapters in both New York and New Jersey; there are a total of 44 of these schools, with more than 14,000 students attending. Mann’s idea is to promote more Uncommon School graduates to attend college, even if they are unable to afford to. Mann has at times mentored some students himself.

Keith Mann has offices in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. He finds great positions for over 200 people in executive opportunities each year. His specialty is in finding talent to fill finance positions. He founded Dynamics Search Partners himself and has always been a very active proponent of increasing higher education. He shows how deep his commitment is with this annual scholarship award. He has run the business very successfully for the last 15 years and has successfully found the top executive talent for the corporations that hire them.

Mann lives in Brooklyn, New York. One of the counselors at the Uncommon School is Joe Frick. He has stated that he is impressed with Mann’s quite generous contribution to a great school system. He is happy that more great students who just happen to be poor will be enabled to complete a college degree through this scholarship.

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