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Pop Singer Norka Luque Paid Her Musical Dues And She Is Destined To Be A Superstar

People wonder how great singers become great singers. In a world filled with great voices, only a few voices ever make it in the music business. Like any other business, the music business is a cut-throat industry that lives on power, recognition, and money. It takes more than a great voice to become a star. There’s a team behind every great singer that help write, produce and execute the unique qualities that singers project on stage. Norka Luque, the Venezuelan singer that is making people in the music business, sit up and take notice knows how hard it is to be “discovered.” Norka was discovered after working long hours in smoke-filled clubs, but she wouldn’t change that experience for anything.

Norka began singing in Venezuela when she was eight. She was cast in a musical that year, and after her singing performance, her parents knew she had the talent to be a star. Norka took voice and piano lessons all through her school years, and when she graduated, she decided to study business administration in France. She joined a small band while she studied in France. The band was a rock and roll, funky music type of band that put out dance sounds that resonated with the young crowds in the small clubs.

Norka attended a Ricky Martin concert in 2007. Martin was one of her musical idols, and while she danced and listened to Martin, she got the idea to move to Miami.

Moving to Miami was a bold move, but she knew it was the only way to get discovered. Norka started singing in the Latino clubs around town and one night Emilio Estefan stopped in to hear her sing. After her set, Estefan offered her a deal. He wanted to produce her sound and make a single. Her first single was released in 2011, and it was an instant dance hit. The salsa beat was just the right mix of rock, salsa, and reggae to become a hit in the Latino community. Her 2012 hit single, “Milagro” made it to #11 on the Billboard Dance Charts, and the song hit #1 and stayed there for 14 weeks in Venezuela.

Estefan and Norka are turning heads and turning the beat around in the Latino music world. Her 2016 release, “Tomorrowland” is another hit for Norka and the legendary producer. Norka has a great team behind her, and it’s only a matter of time before her music touches the souls of young dancers all over the United States.

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