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FreedomPop Shakes Up the Industry

FreedomPop is changing the way millions of people approach traditional mobile and internet service. The Los Angeles startup did more than just choose to sell budget phones and reduced price services. The company opted to radically transform what the term “budget service” means to millions of people in the United States and the United Kingdom. The original debut of FreedomPop featured 200 minutes of free phone along with totally free text messaging and 500 MB of data. Consumers just had to pay for a high-quality refurbished smartphone.

The original offer is still available for new customers along with additional expanded options. $19.99 per month, for example, opens the door to completely free unlimited service. Consider it very difficult to beat a deal along those lines. Don’t worry though, FreedomPop absolutely wants to top all its original special deals and service plans. The growing company never seeks to stop innovating.

Wi-Fi hotspots are also part of the present and future FreedomPop agenda. Initially, FreedomPop targeted overseas travelers with a special hotspot/Wi-Fi plan intended to eliminate unwanted roaming charges. In the United States, access to millions of hotspots is now possible through an incredible $5 per month plan.

FreedomPop truly does mean a lot more than just a new budget phone concept. FreedomPop is indicative of a new movement – a movement of brilliant innovation in the telecommunications and internet industry. Consumers have grown enamored with startups that buck trends and conventional approaches to running a business. Smaller startups have a tendency to be closer to the “average consumer” than massive multi-national conglomerates. The fresh path taken by FreedomPop definitely appeals to those who are rooting for the proverbial “little guy” to defeat the big names in the industry. These consumers are also rooting for the money-saving potential FreedomPop delivers to them.

And FreedomPop wants to continue to deliver outstanding and inexpensive service options. Home and mobile internet are also available. Both could be perfect for those who wish to pay less for a limited amount of MB per month. Of course, the option to pay extra for additional monthly MB allotments is available as well.

FreedomPop is amassing a nice sum of venture capital assistance. The funding should lead to even more interesting and unique developments in the future. FreedomPop’s original business concept may have seemed risky, but the risks have paid off well. FreedomPop is emerging as an incredibly successful enterprise with years of future success ahead of it.

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