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Thor Halvorssen Helps People Understand Socialism

Thor Halvorssen took a trip to talk to Fox News about the platform that Bernie Sanders is running on, and he talked about the accusations that Bernie Sanders is a communist. Thor Halvorssen works with the Human Rights Foundation against a lot of countries that have communist governments, but Bernie Sanders is not a communist in Thor Halvorssen’s mind. He says that Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist who wants to use tax dollars for the betterment of the people.

The tax dollars that Bernie Sanders wants to use are just used for other things than what is currently going on. Bernie Sanders wants to put most of the tax dollars into social programs that help people, and that is something that works around the world. Thor Halvorssen has seen this work in countries where his family is from, and he wants people in America to understand that a platform like that can work pretty easily.

He also wants people to understand that communist governments are nothing like those in the west. He has been fighting against human right abuses, and he has been thinking of ways to make sure that people understand how bad the problem is in other parts of the world. He does not want Americans to think that they are going to get a communist government. He wants people to know that all the ideas out there about Bernie Sanders are going to help the people more than anything else.

He came on Fox News to show that he has answers for all these questions, and he has an explanation that is going to show that people can safely vote for Bernie Sanders and get the help that they need. He wants people to see that there are more than just names that people call politicians. He wants everyone to think about their votes before they make them. He has shown that the Human Rights Foundation is doing great work, and he is a great person to talk to about world politics. He wants to show that Bernie Sanders is benign, and he wants everyone to have the facts. Follow Halvorssen on Twitter @thorhalvorssen to keep up with news and other events.

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