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Wessex Institute of Technology: A Great Research and Education Institution

Wessex Institute of Technology is an educational institute that offers higher degrees in various fields. The institute was established in 1986 by Professor Carlos Brebbia. The institute succeeded the Computational Mechanics institute that was formed in 1981. Wessex Institute of Technology seeks to develop knowledge transfer mechanisms that serve the purpose of enabling the exchange of information between academics and professionals within the industry as well as across different industries. This is done through activities organized by staff both within the Institute and associate companies using collaborated research and conferences.
The institute is well known and is internationally recognized for engineering research and for its conferences that are held in various locations worldwide. This reputation stems from a history of solid achievements by the Institute. These achievements have been attained through collaboration with other research institutes as well as industries across the world.
The institute’s principal activities include graduate programs, specialist research, international conferences, publishing and software services. The graduate programs include doctoral and master level programs. Research, on the other hand, is based on various fields such as damage mechanics, environmental modeling and fluid mechanics, information communication and technology, and industrial research. The international conference program organizes and holds conferences in various locations globally so as to promote knowledge transfer by acting as a link between professional and academic bodies, further encouraging trans-disciplinary research. Regarding publishing, Wessex Institute of Technology produces monographs, and scientific books and publishes the proceedings of the international conferences.
As part of its software services activities, the institute serves as a support for industries and provides valuable services to major industries such as aerospace, mechanical, automotive, naval and offshore industries. Furthermore, they provide specialized services for fields such as biomedicine, fracture mechanics and electromagnetics.

Wessex Institute of Technology is a premium higher education institution offering graduate education as well as research and conference programs so as to promote the exchange of information between students and industry professionals. The institute is keen on linking students with industry professionals so as to bring about an exchange of ideas leading to new advancements in research and developments.