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Just a Little Lip Service

Growing up I remember all the girls in school carrying their roller ball lip gloss or a tube of Chapstick. The flavors were pretty simple and I can still remember getting my first roller ball lip gloss and how odd my lips felt with that thick layer of goop on them. Times are always changing and so are products, but lip gloss and lip care has really revolutionized.
There are so many different products that aid in the care of your lips it can seem a bit overwhelming. The Bliss product line has a sugar lip scrub that is suppose to help remove old dead cells and leave lips feeling smooth. There is even a Pout-o-matic lip scrubbing tool that aids in circulation in the lips while applying the sugar scrub. I can assure you I haven’t seen this in my younger years.

Evolution of Smooth or EOS [see,] as the younger generation refers to them, has some of the best and popular lip products. If you’ve seen the ball shaped lip balms in a variety of delicious flavors you’ve seen Evolution of Smooth. This line of products contains no parabens or petroleum. Petroleum jelly has long been used on lips but can actually be very drying. Their products are tested by dermatologists and are hypoallergenic.

My favorite part of the ball shaped line by EOS is the array of product lines they offer. Whether your looking for a simple lip protection or a protection for an active lifestyle you can find them both. There are also shimmer balls that leave a little hint of shimmer for a night out. There is an organic line and a stick variety in the organic line. The shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E used in the creation of these make this a great choice for the care of your lips. EOS products are sold on Walmart and can also be purchased online via Amazon. For more info, visit their Twitter profile.


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Lime Crime Takes Center Stage In Online Makeup Sales

Lime Crime Founder and CEO Doe Deere is proud to be nominated for female entrepreneur of the year for her line of velventine matte lip stick shades that are totally waterproof. Her products have recently been reviewed by Galore Magazine as being one of the top selling makeup lines and accessories over the internet. In fact, their bold rich colors are hard to find with their competitors because Deere has created a unique blend that is patented by her company exclusively. If you’re interested in taking a bold new stand with your makeup you should visit the Lime Crime official website for details.

Doe Deere has listened to the advice of her customers and created color options that work well for young professionals and individuals in the entertainment industry that need their makeup to stand out. Lime Crime is designed for bold women that dare to be brave with their makeup. Choose between a wide variety of glitters, eyeshadows, lip liners, lip sticks, and more. Best of all, her products are available for free shipping for all residents in the UK and Canada are for a limited time only.

Lime Crime was created when the CEO and Founder decided that their wasn’t a variety of makeup available in the industry that fit her personality and that is when she decided that she would have to be the architect behind creative color solutions. Deere has successfully created over 70+ colors and has recently told Galore Magazine that there are more colors on the way. You can find a color that works best for you from your unique skin tone because the colors are listed on every skin tone available so you can see exactly what it looks like before you make a purchase.

You can find shoes and clothes that work well with their makeup products online. In fact, their accessories go well with the unique blend of Lime Crime colors. Don’t miss out on a wonderful opportunity to get the colors that you want online today.  Be sure to also get involved in the conversation on Tumblr, which fans frequently use to post their Lime Crime creations.

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Shea Butter Has All You Need for Skincare

Derived from the nuts of the Shea tree in Africa, this fatty substance in its raw form is often off-white or ivory-colored. It has been used for a very long time to treat skin conditions along with providing a food substance. There are many uses for Shea butter, including providing moisture to your skin throughout the day along with minimizing stretch marks and scars and also regenerating skin from skin breakdown or burns. Shea butter can be used as a base for lotions and lip balms also.

EuGenia Shea is a company founded by Naa-Sakle Akuete whose own mother realized the benefits of Shea butter and started the business of producing it years ago. EuGenia was born to a midwife who was lovingly called Grandma Sunshine. Grandma Sunshine used raw, unrefined Shea butter in her midwifery practice for years. By the year 2000, EuGenia was making great use of Shea butter and decided to start her business selling it with the help of hundreds of farmers who were substantially paid and many of whom were women themselves.

EuGenia Shea has grown from this humble beginning and now produces this great product that you can order yourself online. Rich in vitamin A and vitamin E, this product gives you all of the benefits of Shea Butter but also comes in beautiful tins and offers you a variety of fragrances you can enjoy. Whether you want it plain or enhanced with sweet fragrances it entirely up to you. This would be a great gift to give your family or friends or just to keep for yourself as a treat.

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How Bob Reina Impacts Lives In A Positive Way

Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion Bob Reina is a man with a big heart. Mr. Reina believes that with great success comes even greater responsibility. He keeps this motto always in mind when he is working at his company. In fact, Bob Reina has infused this philosophy into almost every aspect of Talk Fusion, including its corporate culture. Bob believes that helping others and making a difference in a person’s life is a key element of business and life in general.

To lead by example, Bob Reina has given back to numerous organizations and charities. He has also helped raise money to victims of natural disasters across the globe. An example of Bob Reina’s generosity is a record breaking $1 million dollar check he wrote out to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Florida where he resides. Bob Reina has a soft spot for animals and his record donation is proof of his commitment to charity. Download the Talk Fusion App here!

Mr. Reina also helps to fund an Indonesian orphanage which takes care of kids without families. Other charity efforts that Mr. Reina has been involved or donated to include raising money for earthquake victims in Nepal and helping Japan to rebuild after a massive tsunami hit the island nation in 2011.

Bob Reina encourages his associates to help others, make a difference in someone’s life and to support charity. He gives every one of his associates the chance to give one free customized monthly plan to a charity of their choice. This is the highest level of service Talk Fusion provides. The program encourages associates to give back to their communities and help charities with their own marketing and outreach program.

Talk Fusion is an online marketing platform and company that was created by Bob Reina with the input of experts in the world of IT. The company offers a suite of marketing products that can reach people in a variety of different ways. This includes, video emails, newsletters, video chat and sign up forms. Talk Fusion has a number of different plans that are sized for individual businesses all the way to large corporations.

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