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Is There Anything That Eric Pulier Can’t Do?

Eric Pulier is the man to know. Being an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist, Pulier has successfully made his way through to the top. Being the founder of over 15 companies, Eric Pulier has invested wisely and used his skills to fund these companies.

Some of the companies that he is the founder of include Digital Evolution and Media Platform. He has raised millions in order to pursue and be active in these businesses. He is especially interested in different start-up businesses that work directly with media and technology. Attending and graduating from Harvard University, Eric Pulier studied English, American Literature, computer science, visual and environmental science. He has an overall understanding of the numerous ways that the world works in. Having this overall knowledge has given Pulier the drive and motivation to invest wisely and continuously.

His author days started back at Harvard University when he was the editor and writer of a column in The Harvard Crimson. He also co-authored Understanding Enterprise SOA, which was an informative text based on service-oriented architecture.

In all of Pulier’s work, he has still found time to pursue philanthropy and giving back to the world through charitable organizations. A private social network called Starbright World was led by Pulier. The Starbright world is an online social network that lets chronically ill children interact with each other. They are able to post blogs, chat with others, and more importantly, get support from other children who are experiencing the same things. Among many other non-profit organizations, Pulier is also a proud supporter of The Painted Turtle, which is a camp for kids with chronic illnesses.

Pulier is a nonstop entrepreneur who continues to strive for the betterment of humanity. Having an outstanding resume, Pulier proves to be a driven and passionate individual.

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