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Nathaniel Ru Helps to Continue to Expand Sweetgreens


A key to success for many small businesses is to find a niche in the marketplace that is not currently being met and then to provide consistent high-quality products and services. For three Georgetown students in the early 2000s, it was evident that the marketplace was missing something that would be appreciated by both students and residents of Washington DC.


While they were nearing the end of their education at Georgetown University, three friends were discussing the fact that there were no affordable and healthy lunch options available off campus. More specifically, they noted that there was absolutely nowhere that they could go to get a salad bar if they wanted. The three individuals then quickly drew up a business plan and pitched an idea to friends and family members, who then gave the three individuals that money that they needed to open Sweetgreens in Georgetown.


Sweetgreens was practically an instant success in the Georgetown area and within a few years the company decided to expand and start opening more locations. The company now operates more than thirty different locations across the country and has a plan to further expansion through both corporate owned stores and franchising. The success of the company has caught they eye of both consumers and investors. Sweetgreens has been sought after by private equity firms for years and the company recently accepted an investment that valued the company at nearly $95 million. This investment will be used to provide the company with the capital that it needs to executed on its aggressive growth strategy, which will hopefully soon make it a nationally recognizable brand.


Ever since the company was founded over ten years ago, Nathaniel Ru has acted as the co-CEO along with his two business partners. During this time, he has acted as the figurehead for the business when it has come to interviews with the public, interacting with media, and discussing the business plan with investors and potential franchisees. Nathaniel Ru is a graduate of Georgetown and has used his academic experience to help him assist in the growth of Sweetgreens from just a concept to a growing business worth nearly $100 million.


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Nathaniel Ru and The Sweet Greens Restuarant Chain


The Sweet Greens salad chain was launched back in 2007 by 3 undergraduates attending Georgetown University by the names of Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru. These 3 gentleman had a passion for entrepreneurship and healthy eating. What was once a single spot in Georgetown has now expanded to over 30 locations within the United States.


Bloomberg Reserve’s Peter Elliot conducted an interview with Nicolas Jammet for more in-depth information on how the company was born and other insider information. Nicolas stated that himself, nor his 2 peers, wanted to pursue careers of working for other people. He revealed that all of their parents were business owners and were first generation immigrants. It was inevitable that they follow in their footsteps. They also discovered what their niche was, to provide better quality food in Georgetown. He credits their success to having substantial self discipline and a common vision.


They gained support from family, friends and investors due to their drive and passion, rather than the idea or business plan itself.


The company also puts a lot of focus and compassion towards their employees. They refer to their employees as “team members” and work towards ensuring there is enough growth for them so they will stay with the company. Anytime an employee leaves the company, they express paramount concern.


Regarding the food, the 3 partners strive towards making their salads a brand and a lifestyle. They have stated that they are selling a set of values that revolve around this idea of doing everything right. They also tout their lettuce as being flavorable all by itself.


The 3 former Georgetown students still work in very close partnership with one another and share the same vision for the company they did 9 years ago.


Co-CEO Nathaniel Ru has had much to say about the company and their growing success. He has stated that they are on a mission to feed more people better food. He has also expressed his disbelief in large corporate headquarters. In a previous interview, Ru mentioned that building a team is important for the success of the company.He admits that when they company was first launched, it was difficult to trust other people to take on aspects of the business. However, learning to do team work was a large part of their success.


Nathaniel Ru has mentioned that he admires the CEO of Under Armor, Kevin Plank for establishing such a large brand.


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An Original Diet Plan That Works: Start Nutrimost TODAY!

NutriMost is a diet plan that is helping people achieve their goal weights through a healthy and safe approach. It seems that when there is a good product on the market then other people want to take that opportunity and copy it. In this case, Healthy Living went too far by putting their product’s name in place of NutriMost. There is no substitute for NutriMost, though as you are given a customized diet plan for your own personal needs and goals.

NutriMost is tailored to your exact needs and offers great success without the use of drugs, hormones, shakes, pre-packaged meals or even exercise. The doctor works closely with you and determines exactly what your body needs to achieve the weight loss for you personally and establish a more healthy you. Imagine being able to watch pounds melt away while also restoring hormone balances at the same time. Some people have even lost up to 40 pounds in 40 days. Results vary, but many people have lost at least 20 pounds during this time, leading them to feeling more confident and also motivating them to lose more.

Being an all-around safe plan along with being doctor supervised, NutriMost offer the most in weight loss and can never be copied or imitated.


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Nutimost program assists in weight loss

Weight loss company Healthy Living is being sued by rival Nutrimost for using their promotional video as their own. Along with simply changing the content to read Healthy Living, the Nutrimost testimonials were also utilized. Each program places a claim that one can lose up to 20 to 40 pounds in a 40 day period without being hungry or having to purchase prepackaged meals. In addition, there are no drugs, hormones or surgery required. A cease and desist order was placed in September, yet Healthy Living has continued to use a shorter version of the video. A court order is sought after by Nutrimost which includes theft charges. Nutrimost is seeking $300,000 for the loss of goodwill and its reputation.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

In San Antonio, Doctor Rob Vasquez is a Nutrimost advocate who has set a goal to make his city a healthier place to reside. Vasquez personally struggled with his weight and tried many different programs to rectify his issue. Doctor Vasquez implemented Nutrimost and lost 35 pounds while on the program for 40 days and 60 pounds all in. A year has passed, and he has kept the weight off. Vazquez and his team of health coaches continue to promote the benefits of Nutrimost. Of note, those using the system have improved upon a number of their medical issues including Type Two diabetes, high blood pressure, psoriasis, and a low energy level.

Doctor Vasquez identifies a healthier lifestyle as the reason for his transformation. Eating organic foods positively affected his health and body weight. Consuming vegetables assists in weight loss and improve one’s health. Understanding good and bad sugar is notable. For instance, sugar in fruits and vegetables contain needed fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Yet, refined sugars in soda and candy will not assist in lowering your body weight. Ultimately, read the label to ensure one fully understands what they are putting in their body.

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