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Wikipedia as a Promising Promoter for Your Buisness


Even if you don’t like sports, a fan’s antics can make you do a double-take. When Irish soccer star Robbie Brady scored a goal, setting the Irish up against Italy 1-0, the fans reacted in a peculiar way. They all began to edit a Wikipedia page dedicated to the player. This strange reaction dedicated Robbie as a God amongst men, among other dubious claims. The real amazing thing is how people reliably flock to this website for information.

Wikipedia is now the 7th most visited site in the world, and the public encyclopedia is dominating the information age. Google may be the place where you go to search but Wikipedia is where you go to learn. One of the most profitable ways to expand your business is to create a Wikipedia page and get it up and running. It’s easy to start a page on your own, but much harder to develop an attractive page to promote yourself or a business. You’ll have to watch out for at least 4 artificial intelligence programs working on erasing articles that look fake. If you do not have enough information from other sites as references these programs can take your page away entirely. Making sure to constantly update a Wiki page is important as well, the more traffic you get on your page the more likely it will get seen by customers. Controlling a page that customers see gives you an extra leg up on publicity and image.

Luckily there are websites out there who will help you develop a professional wiki page. Go to Get Your Wiki and hire a Wikipedia editor do the work for you. They will create, update, and edit a Wikipedia page to give you an easy transition into one of the most popular sites on the web.