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Securus Technologies Saved Taxpayers over 1 Million Dollars

Securus Technologies gives me a piece of mind. My brother is a good person who means well but ends up going to jail a lot more than the average person. Every time he ends up behind bars the first person he goes to call, of course, is me. Time and time again he’s spent several months behind bars and during his vacation time he calls again and again. No, I don’t mind talking to my brother but the bill sometimes can get to be a little much. I’ve always worried about whether I was being overcharged. I did not like knowing that there was not a way for me to in fact monitor what I was being charged for the amount of time I was on the phone.

When someone who is close to you whether it is a family member or friend is incarcerated it is rough on both you and them. The time you have together to speak on the phone is a time that you should not have to worry about charges that shouldn’t be. Securus Technologies, as revealed by PR Newswire recently was commissioned by the Louisiana State Department to do an analytic biometric analysis. During their investigation, they uncovered wrongdoings and security breaches within a telecommunication company that handled the states correctional facilities communications.

The telecommunication company was found to be guilty of wrongdoings in a multitude of different areas. They were adding 15 seconds and 30 seconds to the beginning and end of inmate calls. They were also double charging for these calls and other forms of trickery and wrongdoings. Thanks to Securus Technologies [see their BBB page] their lack of being compliant with state regulations will not cost the taxpayers 1.2 million dollars it will cost this telecommunication giant.

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