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The LOVAGANZA Global Experience

Lovaganza is a cultural experience for all generation to immerse themselves in. Bringing the wonders and inspirations for all over the world, Lovaganza invites everyone to experience the spectacle of our lifetime. Its sole purpose is to create a magnificent, immersive environment of entertainment, education, and harmony. The audience will be able to discover every type of culture from all nations on Earth to better understand what it is that unites us and yet, makes us unique. A celebration of cultures on on such as this is not something that’s easily achievable. This celebration will not begin until the early years just before the Lovaganza 2020 Celebrations.

The hope is to promote this cultural must-see with a Traveling Show. It will give all possible attendees a small glimpse into the massive undertaking that will be known around the world. The Traveling Show will begin with the Lovaganza Caravan. The guest will be allowed to discover the many cultures of Earth with the animated series, “The Marvelous 12”. The show will be displayed on new Glassless 3D – 180-degree wraparound IMMERSCOPE screens. If the marvelous series isn’t enough, guest can take A WALK AROUND THE WORLD. This revolutionary attraction on Instagram allows guests to quite literally “walk around the world”. They will experience different countries across all inhabited continents, and get a small taste of the many different cultures.

One of the more spectacular events happening with Lovaganza will be taking place on September 14, 2020. The Lovaganza 2020 Worldwide Celebrations will be showcasing a display of unity, unlike anything the world could imagine. Starting at designated meeting points all across the Americas, all over Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Oceania, millions of people will physical unite and hold hands across the world. This unparalleled manifestation will be known as “Hands Across the World.”

This extraordinary feat will be reminiscent of Cinerama and the World’s Fairs. It is inspired by the past, with the goal of uniting the present, as a means of creating a better future in every nation of the world. The Lovaganza celebration will take place between the months of May to September of 2020. The audience that attends this never-before-seen entertaining experience will see a magnitude of motions pictures, attractions, shows, exhibitions from all over the world. This show will have locations in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Oceania for all to enjoy.

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The Lovaganza Announcement Is All About Unity Empowerment And Inspiration

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

The Lovaganza Foundation is the “Mother of All Foundations.” The Lovaganza Foundation is the non-profit arm of what co-founders, J.F. and Genevieve Gagnon, call their “Bohemian Adventure.” Lovaganza is a celebration of life, unity, empowerment, and inspiration. The mission of the Lovaganza Foundation is a universal quality of life for every child on earth. The Lovaganza international celebration will begin in May of 2020, and it will be held in countries in every corner of the world for four months.

The Gagnon’s have developed a sophisticated entertainment venue that uses cutting-edge entertainment technology. Lovaganza is called a 21st century World’s Fair that uses modern techniques to show the world a picture of themselves and then celebrate their accomplishments. Lovaganza was originally set to open in 2015, but the Gagnon’s delayed the opening in order to use the latest film and entertainment technologies to bring their message to the world.

The entertainment arm of Lovaganza is called, “The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise.” The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise is the for-profit arm of Lovaganza, and it will use entertainment to motivate people and organizations to join the mission to end hunger in the world. Entertainment is the vehicle that the Gagnon’s know how to use best. J.F. Gagnon is a director, producer, singer and actor, and Genevieve is an actress as well as a director and producer. Genevieve is directing and producing the Lovaganza Convoy. The Lovaganza Convoy is a film trilogy that highlights the mission of Lovaganza. The Lovaganza Convoy will make its debut in 2017. Genevieve has been shooting footage in countries around the world, and she will continue to do so until the Lovaganza Convoy makes it debut.

The Gagnon’s have been working with non-profit organizations around the world as well as well-known political and entertainment personalities on The support the Gagnon’s have received for this monumental task has been nothing short of fantastic. Lovaganza main mission is to eradicate childhood hunger by 2035. That is a tall order, but it is very achievable, according to J.F. Gagnon. Gagnon thinks there is enough food and clean water on earth to feed every hungry child. But he also said that it would take a concerted effort to bring that food and water to the millions of children around the world that are starving.

Lovaganza is a carefully planned celebration that will give the world the opportunity to see itself as a cohesive group that is capable of promoting peace, basic human rights, positive thinking, and self-responsibility.

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