Betsy DeVos, Caring for the Community through her Philanthropic Acts

Betsy DeVos started her pursuances for reformation at an early age. This is traced back to her campus days when she took part in campus politics and has continued ever since. 30 years down the line, Betsy has been able to get herself involved with several campaigns, political action memberships, and party organizations.


In partnership with her husband, Dick DeVos, the two have been able to find possible alternatives to solve social problems. Mrs. DeVos has always considered non-profit options to help with her reforms pursuit. She is the current chairperson of Windquest Group which she co-founded with her husband. She also plays the role of Chairperson at Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.


Betsy’s charitable interest is significant and ranges widely. She has membership in both local and national boards. Some of these include the Mars Hill Bible Church, DeVos Institute for Arts Management, and the Kids Hope USA among several others. She has earned a reputation as an advocate specifically for the educational choice movement. Consequently, she secured her place as a chairperson of the Alliance for School Choice and the educational choice movement.


In a recent interview, Mrs. DeVos clears the air about balancing both her career and philanthropy. She attributes her success to the holistic effort she puts in all her endeavors. In everything she does, the main concern is finding ways of improving American Education. With this in mind, Betsy tries her best to base her work on the local level as much as at the national level. This always calls for both policy and national reach.


The nature of her work is therefore delicate considering that it involves public-policy advocacy. Extra care needs to be taken in the simplest of decisions ranging from allocating personnel, staff time, to resources. Everything she does is recorded for accountability purposes. This is especially necessary since the firm has to show a reflection of its compliance with IRS regulations and campaign-finance laws.


Mrs. DeVos has based her work on a voluntary mission. This, therefore, attracts both holistic values and discipline as motivation. She takes her time to encourage more people to join her movement as donors and more so advocates because she believes it is never just all about the bills but rather the efforts put in. Betsy is optimistic that whatever she dedicates herself to bears fruits.


Statistically, there are 33 public funded programs supporting approximately 250, 000 students in 17 states. The movement is growing at an encouraging pace of up to a 40,000 increment in just a year with regards to the number of students. Betsy says that the district Columbia has been their breakthrough point, and has since spread the positive energy to other regions including Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania just among many others. Betsy is currently the Secretary of Education in President Trump’s government.


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