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Wessex Institute of Technology: A Great Research and Education Institution

Wessex Institute of Technology is an educational institute that offers higher degrees in various fields. The institute was established in 1986 by Professor Carlos Brebbia. The institute succeeded the Computational Mechanics institute that was formed in 1981. Wessex Institute of Technology seeks to develop knowledge transfer mechanisms that serve the purpose of enabling the exchange of information between academics and professionals within the industry as well as across different industries. This is done through activities organized by staff both within the Institute and associate companies using collaborated research and conferences.
The institute is well known and is internationally recognized for engineering research and for its conferences that are held in various locations worldwide. This reputation stems from a history of solid achievements by the Institute. These achievements have been attained through collaboration with other research institutes as well as industries across the world.
The institute’s principal activities include graduate programs, specialist research, international conferences, publishing and software services. The graduate programs include doctoral and master level programs. Research, on the other hand, is based on various fields such as damage mechanics, environmental modeling and fluid mechanics, information communication and technology, and industrial research. The international conference program organizes and holds conferences in various locations globally so as to promote knowledge transfer by acting as a link between professional and academic bodies, further encouraging trans-disciplinary research. Regarding publishing, Wessex Institute of Technology produces monographs, and scientific books and publishes the proceedings of the international conferences.
As part of its software services activities, the institute serves as a support for industries and provides valuable services to major industries such as aerospace, mechanical, automotive, naval and offshore industries. Furthermore, they provide specialized services for fields such as biomedicine, fracture mechanics and electromagnetics.

Wessex Institute of Technology is a premium higher education institution offering graduate education as well as research and conference programs so as to promote the exchange of information between students and industry professionals. The institute is keen on linking students with industry professionals so as to bring about an exchange of ideas leading to new advancements in research and developments.

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Shea Butter Has All You Need for Skincare

Derived from the nuts of the Shea tree in Africa, this fatty substance in its raw form is often off-white or ivory-colored. It has been used for a very long time to treat skin conditions along with providing a food substance. There are many uses for Shea butter, including providing moisture to your skin throughout the day along with minimizing stretch marks and scars and also regenerating skin from skin breakdown or burns. Shea butter can be used as a base for lotions and lip balms also.

EuGenia Shea is a company founded by Naa-Sakle Akuete whose own mother realized the benefits of Shea butter and started the business of producing it years ago. EuGenia was born to a midwife who was lovingly called Grandma Sunshine. Grandma Sunshine used raw, unrefined Shea butter in her midwifery practice for years. By the year 2000, EuGenia was making great use of Shea butter and decided to start her business selling it with the help of hundreds of farmers who were substantially paid and many of whom were women themselves.

EuGenia Shea has grown from this humble beginning and now produces this great product that you can order yourself online. Rich in vitamin A and vitamin E, this product gives you all of the benefits of Shea Butter but also comes in beautiful tins and offers you a variety of fragrances you can enjoy. Whether you want it plain or enhanced with sweet fragrances it entirely up to you. This would be a great gift to give your family or friends or just to keep for yourself as a treat.

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The Success of IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services is a company that has been serving innovation for almost 50 years. This company is known for providing the best solutions to any company and is mostly known for being involved in the first space launch. With branches in 25 different countries around the world, this company has truly made a name for itself. One of the most recognized services that is provided by this company is the service of aviation and engineering solutions. Much of this technology has been used to help the armed forces for the United States Army. With a vigilant platform, IAP is able to provide the government with mission critical systems which has protected critical information and has been the different between life and death in many cases.

In addition to the many services that this company provides to protect the United States, IAP is also a company that is working on new and improved renewable energy options for consumers. In every aspect of power generation and power distribution, this company brings expertise to the table. IAP has already partnered with electric companies around the world to begin providing some of the most effective energy solutions in even the most rural areas. For temporary or even permanent solutions, this is the company to turn to even after natural disasters have struck. This company is known for building entirely new plants in an area that depends on green energy.

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IAP: Home

Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

When it comes to any innovative solution that is needed, IAP Worldwide Services offers flexibility and creativity to solve the issue. As there is never a standard solution, the expertise that this company provides is able to come up with an innovative solution to any challenge in a short amount of time. In addition to engineering and power-related solutions, IAP is also a leading company in innovative communication services. This company guarantees providing the best tools for any project that requires reliability.

IAP Services has been the leading company in the best technological solutions for the past 45 years. With top services provided such as maintenance support, airport master planning, construction management, as well as engineering services, IAP Services has continued to be at the top of its game. With a mission to spread renewable and reliable energy around the world, IAP Services has teamed up with many leading electrical companies to provide comfort and innovation in areas where electricity has never been shown before until today.

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Laidlaw & Company Helps My Company Invest

My company has been trying to invest for a couple of years just to make sure that we had ready cash in another place, but we had never found someone who understood out industry like Laidlaw & Company. I was happy to speak with James Ahern when I started looking around their company, and he directed me to a broker who helped me set up an account just for my company. The design of the account I have is perfect for a business of our size, and it is actually pointed at the interests of a company in my industry.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

I know a lot of what is going on in my industry, but I missed a lot of the correlations between what we do and what other companies are doing. Laidlaw & Company figured that out for me, and they allowed me to start investing in companies that were actually worth the money. We have been putting cash into the account every month, and I can call Matthew Eitner at Laidlaw & Company to ask about any new research they have. I know my broker is doing more research every day, and I usually learn a lot about our money when I call in for an update.

I would have never thought of all the places where I could invest through Laidlaw & Company, and I am really glad that I found their company. They have set up a nice endowment that is helping my company reach higher goals, and I am also happy to report that I am learning a lot about my investments. Everyone wins when we work with Laidlaw & Company, and I am getting new reports on industry research all the time. They come up with the most creative ways to invest in companies that are remotely related to my own.

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Wikipedia as a Promising Promoter for Your Buisness


Even if you don’t like sports, a fan’s antics can make you do a double-take. When Irish soccer star Robbie Brady scored a goal, setting the Irish up against Italy 1-0, the fans reacted in a peculiar way. They all began to edit a Wikipedia page dedicated to the player. This strange reaction dedicated Robbie as a God amongst men, among other dubious claims. The real amazing thing is how people reliably flock to this website for information.

Wikipedia is now the 7th most visited site in the world, and the public encyclopedia is dominating the information age. Google may be the place where you go to search but Wikipedia is where you go to learn. One of the most profitable ways to expand your business is to create a Wikipedia page and get it up and running. It’s easy to start a page on your own, but much harder to develop an attractive page to promote yourself or a business. You’ll have to watch out for at least 4 artificial intelligence programs working on erasing articles that look fake. If you do not have enough information from other sites as references these programs can take your page away entirely. Making sure to constantly update a Wiki page is important as well, the more traffic you get on your page the more likely it will get seen by customers. Controlling a page that customers see gives you an extra leg up on publicity and image.

Luckily there are websites out there who will help you develop a professional wiki page. Go to Get Your Wiki and hire a Wikipedia editor do the work for you. They will create, update, and edit a Wikipedia page to give you an easy transition into one of the most popular sites on the web.

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Securus Technologies Saved Taxpayers over 1 Million Dollars

Securus Technologies gives me a piece of mind. My brother is a good person who means well but ends up going to jail a lot more than the average person. Every time he ends up behind bars the first person he goes to call, of course, is me. Time and time again he’s spent several months behind bars and during his vacation time he calls again and again. No, I don’t mind talking to my brother but the bill sometimes can get to be a little much. I’ve always worried about whether I was being overcharged. I did not like knowing that there was not a way for me to in fact monitor what I was being charged for the amount of time I was on the phone.

When someone who is close to you whether it is a family member or friend is incarcerated it is rough on both you and them. The time you have together to speak on the phone is a time that you should not have to worry about charges that shouldn’t be. Securus Technologies, as revealed by PR Newswire recently was commissioned by the Louisiana State Department to do an analytic biometric analysis. During their investigation, they uncovered wrongdoings and security breaches within a telecommunication company that handled the states correctional facilities communications.

The telecommunication company was found to be guilty of wrongdoings in a multitude of different areas. They were adding 15 seconds and 30 seconds to the beginning and end of inmate calls. They were also double charging for these calls and other forms of trickery and wrongdoings. Thanks to Securus Technologies [see their BBB page] their lack of being compliant with state regulations will not cost the taxpayers 1.2 million dollars it will cost this telecommunication giant.

Securus on Linked In:


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Nutimost program assists in weight loss

Weight loss company Healthy Living is being sued by rival Nutrimost for using their promotional video as their own. Along with simply changing the content to read Healthy Living, the Nutrimost testimonials were also utilized. Each program places a claim that one can lose up to 20 to 40 pounds in a 40 day period without being hungry or having to purchase prepackaged meals. In addition, there are no drugs, hormones or surgery required. A cease and desist order was placed in September, yet Healthy Living has continued to use a shorter version of the video. A court order is sought after by Nutrimost which includes theft charges. Nutrimost is seeking $300,000 for the loss of goodwill and its reputation.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

In San Antonio, Doctor Rob Vasquez is a Nutrimost advocate who has set a goal to make his city a healthier place to reside. Vasquez personally struggled with his weight and tried many different programs to rectify his issue. Doctor Vasquez implemented Nutrimost and lost 35 pounds while on the program for 40 days and 60 pounds all in. A year has passed, and he has kept the weight off. Vazquez and his team of health coaches continue to promote the benefits of Nutrimost. Of note, those using the system have improved upon a number of their medical issues including Type Two diabetes, high blood pressure, psoriasis, and a low energy level.

Doctor Vasquez identifies a healthier lifestyle as the reason for his transformation. Eating organic foods positively affected his health and body weight. Consuming vegetables assists in weight loss and improve one’s health. Understanding good and bad sugar is notable. For instance, sugar in fruits and vegetables contain needed fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Yet, refined sugars in soda and candy will not assist in lowering your body weight. Ultimately, read the label to ensure one fully understands what they are putting in their body.

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Pop Singer Norka Luque Paid Her Musical Dues And She Is Destined To Be A Superstar

People wonder how great singers become great singers. In a world filled with great voices, only a few voices ever make it in the music business. Like any other business, the music business is a cut-throat industry that lives on power, recognition, and money. It takes more than a great voice to become a star. There’s a team behind every great singer that help write, produce and execute the unique qualities that singers project on stage. Norka Luque, the Venezuelan singer that is making people in the music business, sit up and take notice knows how hard it is to be “discovered.” Norka was discovered after working long hours in smoke-filled clubs, but she wouldn’t change that experience for anything.

Norka began singing in Venezuela when she was eight. She was cast in a musical that year, and after her singing performance, her parents knew she had the talent to be a star. Norka took voice and piano lessons all through her school years, and when she graduated, she decided to study business administration in France. She joined a small band while she studied in France. The band was a rock and roll, funky music type of band that put out dance sounds that resonated with the young crowds in the small clubs.

Norka attended a Ricky Martin concert in 2007. Martin was one of her musical idols, and while she danced and listened to Martin, she got the idea to move to Miami.

Moving to Miami was a bold move, but she knew it was the only way to get discovered. Norka started singing in the Latino clubs around town and one night Emilio Estefan stopped in to hear her sing. After her set, Estefan offered her a deal. He wanted to produce her sound and make a single. Her first single was released in 2011, and it was an instant dance hit. The salsa beat was just the right mix of rock, salsa, and reggae to become a hit in the Latino community. Her 2012 hit single, “Milagro” made it to #11 on the Billboard Dance Charts, and the song hit #1 and stayed there for 14 weeks in Venezuela.

Estefan and Norka are turning heads and turning the beat around in the Latino music world. Her 2016 release, “Tomorrowland” is another hit for Norka and the legendary producer. Norka has a great team behind her, and it’s only a matter of time before her music touches the souls of young dancers all over the United States.

Follow Norka Luque on Twitter @norkaluque to learn more about her music.

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How Bob Reina Impacts Lives In A Positive Way

Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion Bob Reina is a man with a big heart. Mr. Reina believes that with great success comes even greater responsibility. He keeps this motto always in mind when he is working at his company. In fact, Bob Reina has infused this philosophy into almost every aspect of Talk Fusion, including its corporate culture. Bob believes that helping others and making a difference in a person’s life is a key element of business and life in general.

To lead by example, Bob Reina has given back to numerous organizations and charities. He has also helped raise money to victims of natural disasters across the globe. An example of Bob Reina’s generosity is a record breaking $1 million dollar check he wrote out to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Florida where he resides. Bob Reina has a soft spot for animals and his record donation is proof of his commitment to charity. Download the Talk Fusion App here!

Mr. Reina also helps to fund an Indonesian orphanage which takes care of kids without families. Other charity efforts that Mr. Reina has been involved or donated to include raising money for earthquake victims in Nepal and helping Japan to rebuild after a massive tsunami hit the island nation in 2011.

Bob Reina encourages his associates to help others, make a difference in someone’s life and to support charity. He gives every one of his associates the chance to give one free customized monthly plan to a charity of their choice. This is the highest level of service Talk Fusion provides. The program encourages associates to give back to their communities and help charities with their own marketing and outreach program.

Talk Fusion is an online marketing platform and company that was created by Bob Reina with the input of experts in the world of IT. The company offers a suite of marketing products that can reach people in a variety of different ways. This includes, video emails, newsletters, video chat and sign up forms. Talk Fusion has a number of different plans that are sized for individual businesses all the way to large corporations.

Watch their YouTube video below:

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Jose Manuel Gonzalez and the State of Economics in Venezuela

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is an established businessman who comes from Venezuela, a nation that’s located on South America’s northern coast. He’s an executive who focuses on the agricultural field. He in the past worked as the president of FEDECAMARAS, a Venezuelan business association entity. FEDECAMARAS was established by prominent entrepreneurs who represented all different economic divisions. The company was composed of 14 distinct economic divisions. These are industry, services and trade, tourism, construction, agriculture, insurance, finance, telecommunications, transportation, media, real estate, energy, mining and livestock. The business was established back in 1944.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is no longer part of FEDECAMARAS. His job at the moment is with the state of Guarico’s National Assembly. He serves as the organization’s deputy. As a member of the government of Guarico, Gonzalez has enjoyed the support of many different parties. These parties include CUENTAS, CLARIDAD, UNTC, MPJ, AD, UNIDAD DR, CUENTAS CLARAS and VPA.

Gonzalez regularly makes appearances on television stations in Venezuela. He occasionally discusses essential topics such as shifts in Venezuela’s economic foundation, for example. Gonzalez regularly offers his opinions and insights that relate to significant political and economic topics. He has told the Venezuelan public that the nation will not be able to advance properly unless it assesses its economic model carefully. He also has said that he believes that the country will remain stagnant unless it boosts domestic output that pertains to national and legal security matters alike. Gonzalez, lastly, has stated that he doesn’t think the government in Venezuela has any plans to adjust or improve anything. He’s also stated that he doesn’t think that a brand new economic model is anywhere in the nation’s near future. Gonzalez is firmly committed to the concept of progress for Venezuela. He doesn’t want his nation to continue focusing on the status quo.