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Pop Singer Norka Luque Paid Her Musical Dues And She Is Destined To Be A Superstar

People wonder how great singers become great singers. In a world filled with great voices, only a few voices ever make it in the music business. Like any other business, the music business is a cut-throat industry that lives on power, recognition, and money. It takes more than a great voice to become a star. There’s a team behind every great singer that help write, produce and execute the unique qualities that singers project on stage. Norka Luque, the Venezuelan singer that is making people in the music business, sit up and take notice knows how hard it is to be “discovered.” Norka was discovered after working long hours in smoke-filled clubs, but she wouldn’t change that experience for anything.

Norka began singing in Venezuela when she was eight. She was cast in a musical that year, and after her singing performance, her parents knew she had the talent to be a star. Norka took voice and piano lessons all through her school years, and when she graduated, she decided to study business administration in France. She joined a small band while she studied in France. The band was a rock and roll, funky music type of band that put out dance sounds that resonated with the young crowds in the small clubs.

Norka attended a Ricky Martin concert in 2007. Martin was one of her musical idols, and while she danced and listened to Martin, she got the idea to move to Miami.

Moving to Miami was a bold move, but she knew it was the only way to get discovered. Norka started singing in the Latino clubs around town and one night Emilio Estefan stopped in to hear her sing. After her set, Estefan offered her a deal. He wanted to produce her sound and make a single. Her first single was released in 2011, and it was an instant dance hit. The salsa beat was just the right mix of rock, salsa, and reggae to become a hit in the Latino community. Her 2012 hit single, “Milagro” made it to #11 on the Billboard Dance Charts, and the song hit #1 and stayed there for 14 weeks in Venezuela.

Estefan and Norka are turning heads and turning the beat around in the Latino music world. Her 2016 release, “Tomorrowland” is another hit for Norka and the legendary producer. Norka has a great team behind her, and it’s only a matter of time before her music touches the souls of young dancers all over the United States.

Follow Norka Luque on Twitter @norkaluque to learn more about her music.

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How Bob Reina Impacts Lives In A Positive Way

Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion Bob Reina is a man with a big heart. Mr. Reina believes that with great success comes even greater responsibility. He keeps this motto always in mind when he is working at his company. In fact, Bob Reina has infused this philosophy into almost every aspect of Talk Fusion, including its corporate culture. Bob believes that helping others and making a difference in a person’s life is a key element of business and life in general.

To lead by example, Bob Reina has given back to numerous organizations and charities. He has also helped raise money to victims of natural disasters across the globe. An example of Bob Reina’s generosity is a record breaking $1 million dollar check he wrote out to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Florida where he resides. Bob Reina has a soft spot for animals and his record donation is proof of his commitment to charity. Download the Talk Fusion App here!

Mr. Reina also helps to fund an Indonesian orphanage which takes care of kids without families. Other charity efforts that Mr. Reina has been involved or donated to include raising money for earthquake victims in Nepal and helping Japan to rebuild after a massive tsunami hit the island nation in 2011.

Bob Reina encourages his associates to help others, make a difference in someone’s life and to support charity. He gives every one of his associates the chance to give one free customized monthly plan to a charity of their choice. This is the highest level of service Talk Fusion provides. The program encourages associates to give back to their communities and help charities with their own marketing and outreach program.

Talk Fusion is an online marketing platform and company that was created by Bob Reina with the input of experts in the world of IT. The company offers a suite of marketing products that can reach people in a variety of different ways. This includes, video emails, newsletters, video chat and sign up forms. Talk Fusion has a number of different plans that are sized for individual businesses all the way to large corporations.

Watch their YouTube video below:

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Jose Manuel Gonzalez and the State of Economics in Venezuela

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is an established businessman who comes from Venezuela, a nation that’s located on South America’s northern coast. He’s an executive who focuses on the agricultural field. He in the past worked as the president of FEDECAMARAS, a Venezuelan business association entity. FEDECAMARAS was established by prominent entrepreneurs who represented all different economic divisions. The company was composed of 14 distinct economic divisions. These are industry, services and trade, tourism, construction, agriculture, insurance, finance, telecommunications, transportation, media, real estate, energy, mining and livestock. The business was established back in 1944.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is no longer part of FEDECAMARAS. His job at the moment is with the state of Guarico’s National Assembly. He serves as the organization’s deputy. As a member of the government of Guarico, Gonzalez has enjoyed the support of many different parties. These parties include CUENTAS, CLARIDAD, UNTC, MPJ, AD, UNIDAD DR, CUENTAS CLARAS and VPA.

Gonzalez regularly makes appearances on television stations in Venezuela. He occasionally discusses essential topics such as shifts in Venezuela’s economic foundation, for example. Gonzalez regularly offers his opinions and insights that relate to significant political and economic topics. He has told the Venezuelan public that the nation will not be able to advance properly unless it assesses its economic model carefully. He also has said that he believes that the country will remain stagnant unless it boosts domestic output that pertains to national and legal security matters alike. Gonzalez, lastly, has stated that he doesn’t think the government in Venezuela has any plans to adjust or improve anything. He’s also stated that he doesn’t think that a brand new economic model is anywhere in the nation’s near future. Gonzalez is firmly committed to the concept of progress for Venezuela. He doesn’t want his nation to continue focusing on the status quo.

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Keith Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement Promotes Collegiate Success

Applications are being accepted from senior High School students at Brooklyn’s Uncommon Charter High School for the new Keith Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. Keith Mann, the Director at Dynamics Executive Search, established this annual award to cover the costs for tuition for college. Up to $5,000 will be given to a low-income, but promising student attending the private school. Applications are accepted up until the end of February each year.

Students who apply for the scholarship are required to write a 1,000 word essay. The essay must explain in what ways the money will be used during the student’s days at college. This school has chapters in both New York and New Jersey; there are a total of 44 of these schools, with more than 14,000 students attending. Mann’s idea is to promote more Uncommon School graduates to attend college, even if they are unable to afford to. Mann has at times mentored some students himself.

Keith Mann has offices in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. He finds great positions for over 200 people in executive opportunities each year. His specialty is in finding talent to fill finance positions. He founded Dynamics Search Partners himself and has always been a very active proponent of increasing higher education. He shows how deep his commitment is with this annual scholarship award. He has run the business very successfully for the last 15 years and has successfully found the top executive talent for the corporations that hire them.

Mann lives in Brooklyn, New York. One of the counselors at the Uncommon School is Joe Frick. He has stated that he is impressed with Mann’s quite generous contribution to a great school system. He is happy that more great students who just happen to be poor will be enabled to complete a college degree through this scholarship.

Additional News on Keith:

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Diversant Helps All IT Customers Get Results

Every IT customer that comes to Diversant is in need of help so that their business will be efficient, and they need to have something created professionally for the company at hand. John Goullet has been creating these solutions for many years, and he is an expert who understands how to translate the needs of a company into a system that will make that company easier to manage. Business owners are in need of help with items that they cannot manage on their own, and the teams at Diversant will create a system and interface that anyone can learn.

The systems that are created at Diversant might be completely fresh when they are made for the first time, but the Diversant team might just need to change something that already exists. They will have a look at what is going on with the client’s systems, and then they will make changes that are perfect for the client. Every client can try the system to make sure that they are happy, and changes can be made until the client has what they are looking for.

Everyone who is in need of help with their IT systems needs to contact John Goullet for a consultation. He will start off by talking the client through what their person needs are, and then he will continue by directing his team to do something that will look and feel amazing. The business that hires Diversant needs to come away with something that any of their employees can use, and Goullet personally guides every team member in their tasks. He makes sure that all work done by Diversant is brilliant, and he works with clients every day who have diverse needs.

The clients who come to Diversant for help today can start talking with John Goullet about how their needs can be met. Someone who has planned to make the most of their IT systems can afford to work with Diversant. One fee will pay for a nice IT system that will help a business function well, create more profits and allow for a smoother business operating platform.

Follow John Goullet on Facebook and check out additional article on him here.

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Is There Anything That Eric Pulier Can’t Do?

Eric Pulier is the man to know. Being an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist, Pulier has successfully made his way through to the top. Being the founder of over 15 companies, Eric Pulier has invested wisely and used his skills to fund these companies.

Some of the companies that he is the founder of include Digital Evolution and Media Platform. He has raised millions in order to pursue and be active in these businesses. He is especially interested in different start-up businesses that work directly with media and technology. Attending and graduating from Harvard University, Eric Pulier studied English, American Literature, computer science, visual and environmental science. He has an overall understanding of the numerous ways that the world works in. Having this overall knowledge has given Pulier the drive and motivation to invest wisely and continuously.

His author days started back at Harvard University when he was the editor and writer of a column in The Harvard Crimson. He also co-authored Understanding Enterprise SOA, which was an informative text based on service-oriented architecture.

In all of Pulier’s work, he has still found time to pursue philanthropy and giving back to the world through charitable organizations. A private social network called Starbright World was led by Pulier. The Starbright world is an online social network that lets chronically ill children interact with each other. They are able to post blogs, chat with others, and more importantly, get support from other children who are experiencing the same things. Among many other non-profit organizations, Pulier is also a proud supporter of The Painted Turtle, which is a camp for kids with chronic illnesses.

Pulier is a nonstop entrepreneur who continues to strive for the betterment of humanity. Having an outstanding resume, Pulier proves to be a driven and passionate individual.

More Eric Pulier Links:

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Manse on Marsh Is Top Notch In Assisted & Independent Living Facilities

The Manse on Marsh is an independent and assisted living facility. It, however, does not feel anything like that. Rather, Manse on Marsh offers a home-like atmosphere so that everyone feels welcome. Residents come here and they don’t feel like they are on lockdown under 24-hour care. Rather, they still have their independence and are free to choose from a variety of activities that will keep them entertained and bring a smile to their face. Manse on Marsh comes highly recommended for a number of reasons.

The campus on The Manse on Marsh is breathtaking. That campus is clean, safe, and well-designed. It also features a variety of amenities. The staff at the campus are all compassionate souls. Their goals are to make sure that everyone who resides there is treated with dignity and respect. They have the proper training to know how to handle any sort of illnesses that may pop up. They also know how to communicate with respect and with love.

Manse on Marsh also allows residents to still maintain their freedom. They can do this by partaking in a number of different activities. There is sure to be something that suits each individual’s needs. There are things such as yoga, horse races, ice cream socials, movie nights, and so much more. These activities are available on and off campus. Everyone deserves to live a life that they are happy with no matter what their age may be. Manse on Marsh understands that and that’s why they do what they can to bring a smile to their resident’s faces.

Manse on Marsh feels like a community because of the caring staff and the activities that bring residents together. A person, no matter how old they may get, can still enjoy the activities they once did. That’s because the caring staff will be keeping a watchful eye on them to ensure that they have a positive and safe time

Overall, Manse on Marsh cannot be beat when it comes to independent and assisted living facilities. The staff and the campus combine together to truly make it the best experience for those residing and visiting.  Follow them on Twitter @themanseonmarsh. Also be sure to check out their website for contact information.

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What is Leptin and What It Means to NutriMost


If you ever wondered why you still feel hungry after eating a big meal, or why you are hardly hungry even though you have not eaten a thing all day, then you are probably headed down a road paved by leptin. This hormone is essential in maintaining hunger in human beings, and it sends signals to your brain when you are hungry or full. However, like all hormones, a person can become leptin deficient. This results in unhealthy eating habits that can greatly increase weight gain, and that can even contribute to unhealthy skinniness and the health conditions associated with that. The focus on this hormone is partially why the diet program, NutriMost, is generating so much success amongst its clients.

NutriMost has specialized technology that analyzes a person’s entire genetic makeup, especially the portions responsible for their metabolisms. The extensive research performed by professionals usually turns up a person’s deficiency in leptin. As a result, a personalized plan is established that is completely original to a specific person. This plan eliminates the constant hunger felt by those who begin a diet, and ensures that they receive and absorb all of their essential vitamins and nutrients. This allows them to be healthy, and teaches a person to upkeep their healthy lifestyle even after their program comes to an end. All said and done, get the Nutrimost system.
Learn more about Nutrimost
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Hiring the Right Doctor: Brian Torchin

Healthcare Staffing firms help to match employers with the right employees. Companies like Healthcare Recruitment Counselors work to help potential employees find the right workplace to start their career in the health field. These firms are great resources for healthcare workers looking to find the right fit.

Healthcare Recruitment Counselors work with their clients to help staff the office from the front desk to the nurses. This Philadelphia based company offers extended night and weekend hours to assist in the hiring process, and help their clients fill positions quickly. They work with private practices, urgent care centers, and hospitals. They have the largest extended database to ensure quick results in the hiring process.

Brian Torchin is the CEO of HCRC staffing, bringing years of experience staffing his own offices to assist other offices. His customer service oriented business has helped his company become on of the leading staffing agencies. He offers benefits that others do not, like extended hours, days, and nights. Torchin brings his reputation of commitment and effort to this company, which has helped him establish trust.

His company focuses on Chiropractic practices, trying to match the right chiropractor and physical therapists with the appropriate practice. He is also the author of a successful blog about the pitfalls when hiring a chiropractor. He discusses the importance of trust with patients and how to gain or regain it. His firm has extended services to cover Canada and Australia now. His expertise, commitment, and work ethic has caused him and his company to become a success.